How to propose


After your relationship has taken shape and you think she is your other half, you need to think seriously about marriage. Most often, this step is done only when you have a financial situation good enough, and your future is somewhat contoured. Don't try to do in the wedding business because you will not get in any point that advantage you, on the contrary. The wedding is not a business, but a joy, a culmination of your love. If you think you don't know very well your life partner, don't rush to make a decision like that, wait until the point in which you are firmly convinced that you can live a life with that person without too many scandals or major issues. Quarrels will always exist, but you have to try to make them as minor as you can to transform them into learnings.

I'm gonna give you 3 models of marriage proposals that will leave your date impressed:

1. Involve yourself as much in the pleasures of her and give her a surprise she will never forget all my life

If he has a favorite sport, if he likes very much to do a thing, to be involved in something, try to find loophole perfect to ask her hand in marriage. For example, if he likes very much to read, get ready you a pattern book in which to be described your relationship and then come the big question.

2. Take her in the place she loves

Get ready for a trip the surprise in a place that means so much to her and ask her there. It would be good to prepare the location very carefully before so as to give a note in the addition of romance.

3. In a place where it is very much the world

This model fits only to people who like to stand out, to be seen and appreciated. Go into a very busy place, set up a little story with some music and show up suddenly with the ring.

These are just three small examples, which you can shape you depending on the relationship that you have. 

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